Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Somewhat Wordless Wednesday

Just a picture of me out doing the Lord's work . . .

At the time this picture was taken, I was telling this young lady that there were actually 4 chapters of JOHN in the bible and she was flirting back with me and that was kind of why I was getting a big head. I just didn't realize it would show up in the picture.

* for the record . . . no way I cropped this photo. this, ladies and gentlemen was done by one of your Bishops which subsequently came into my possession. I thought Bishops were busy individuals. Apparently I was mistaken . . . although very clever nonetheless . . .

Wise Tara


You are wise telling me the story how the "friends" treated you poorly as well. That made me feel better about myself because at least now I know it wasn't only me they were treating so poorly.

Mindy and Steven are actually known as quite festive Halloween party goers because every year they dress up. Although it is the same costume every year:

"Hey they kind of look like little sheeps." "Yeah, yeah they do look like a little ram and a little ewe." "Well but wait, wait look at that part where the zipper does not come all the way up." "It kind of looks like wolf fur." "Yeah and those sheep have some awfully long fangs for sheep." "I don't know . . . they look like nice cute little sheep but I am afraid they are just wolves in sheep's clothing and when you get up closer they will bite our heads off."


- everyone who encounters them on Halloween . . . and every other day of the year

Tara, you must tell me more about this WAED that your brother, SIL and Micks partaketh of in RR. Maybe that is the key to get me to move there or at the very least become Mormon.