Sunday, December 23, 2007

Poll - Is this the definition of a "friend"?

I am taking a poll. I will tell you a story and then I want you to tell us whether the individuals in that story would be classified as "friends" or as "not so much friends."

We have these "friends." You may know who I am referring to since they are the only reason I exist in this Mormon blogging world. OK, OK, I will try to post a picture to drive my point home.

"So cute, don't they look friendly?" OK, good. I did it. Incidentally, I think it is somewhat funny that Mindy looks like a glamorous super model yet she put Steven's big head in front of her for this picture. Isn't her blond hair pretty? JUST KIDDING! We like the dark, too. I digress. Now, I don't want you to answer my question based on your possible relationship with these people. I want you to base it completely on my story. They may look like friends but I am here to tell you, wolves in sheep's clothing, wolves . . . in . . . sheep's . . . clothing.

These peoples were friends, then they moved and became "friends," I am bitter, we have been over this, I am sure it is well documented, but just know that that is part of the background. Well these peoples decided to make a trans continental journey for Christmas. A one way car trip I would estimate, give or take, 1 million miles. Good, great, grand. Fun family trip, get to go to a cool place, see some other friends, etc. Good time, good Christmas, whatever, not the point.

Well, I recently learned that their trans continental travels would take them a VERY short distance from my home. I mean, I could take their tires out with a short ranged sniper rifle from my home. That is how close they were passing by.

Now, just so no one has to make any assumptions, my wife and I have an apartment with TWO bathrooms that are clean. We have a kitchen table. We even have food. Our apartment may be small, but we can accommodate a small Mormon army for a short amount of time.

Back to the story. We have gone to see these "friends" at least three times and spent the weekend with them since their move. They have "said" that they want to come to H* to see all of their old friends (maybe I assumed too much that that included me). They even thought we could watch their kids and they could do their temple recommends or recommands (whatever, you know what they are). Blah, blah, blah "we will come see you". well, well, well. . . .

Well . . . you guessed it. Puttt, puttttt, putttttt . . . THEY DROVE RIGHT ON BY. Are you KIDDING me?!? ARE YOU K I D D I N G ME?!? (Make sure you re-read the last sentence putting substantial emphasis on "kidding"). OK, continue. They live far away. Their trans continental journey takes them within a bb gun's range of my home, and they don't stop. Technically, we didn't even talk to them until they were past us.

Well, John, maybe you are over exaggerating. "You always do." Maybe you are making too much of this. "You always do." Maybe the exact reason that you are calling them out in this post is the reason they didn't want to stop or tell you they could see what you were wearing when they drove by . . . but did not stop.

You might be right. There are some good reasons why they wouldn't stop. Stopping would add time to an already long journey. They are off to a good start, the kids are behaving, they are making good time. Perhaps the sole bridge from Texas to Louisiana is being closed in a few hours for Christmas and they won't be able to reach their destination. Maybe they are the one family in America who can travel with three small children and NEVER need to stop. NEVER need to use the restroom (one of them does wear diapers . . . Steven, (ya know like the crazy astronaut lady)). Maybe they wanted to stop but didn't want to put up with ME. Maybe they wanted to stop but knew when they had to get back on the road, I would be mad that they are leaving so soon. Incidentally, I walk the earth in fear everyday that the Lord will strike me down because I want to spend time with people I love!!! GOOD GRIEF! Maybe I am not as cool as I think I am. All of this to say, you are right. There are some good reasons why they might not have stopped.

But my fellow bloggers, as Paul Harvey (the late???? not real sure) would say, "Now the rest of the story."

These "friends" stopped at a park/truck stop/something to eat their packed lunch a MERE 30 MINUTES FROM MY HOUSE. ARE YOU K I D D I N G ME!?! (Same rules apply to this previous sentence as the rule above). At this truck stop, the restrooms were so bad that according to unpublished reports, the men had been using the women's restroom. Can we all get a nice visual of what that was like or should I elaborate? Picture sweet little Emmy in her ballerina costume leaping over puddles of urine in her ballerina slippers to get to her throne . . . but she is only as graceful as Mindy (see Mindy's injured hand playing volleyball). What type of individuals typically use these restrooms on a daily basis? I think you get my point.

So, I guess in my "friend's" planning they said, "Hey, H* would be a good spot to stop, eat lunch, and use the bathroom, take a break. Maybe we would could see John and Elizabeth." But no. You know what they thought was a better idea. "Hey, I know, lets not stop at John and Elizabeth's. Lets drive 30 minutes past and stop at Nasty Truck Stops-R-Us and eat lunch and take a bathroom break. That way we don't have to deal with John and we will make better time."

Boy I tell you what. Makes me feel like my mother did a poor job of teaching me what the definition of a friend is. I mean when this type of thing happens, it makes me question the meaning of life. I have been rejected many times. I have been rejected by many women, many opportunities, many things . . . but this has to be the penultimate. It may be the ultimate rejection, but if not, it certainly has to be the penultimate.

Well this post is getting on in years so I should wrap it up. Basically, my Christmas is ruined. But don't let that fact effect your choice of whether these are "friends" or "not so much friends". Feel free to add comments but at least post 1) "friends" or 2) "not so much friends".

Based on the results of this poll, we may be looking for a new Mormon family to adopt. Please apply at your local Ward this Sunday.

I sure hope they made that closing bridge across the Sabine river or those kids will never forget the Christmas spent on the swamp with the 'gators.

"Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night."

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Holiday Happiness/Blogging Sadness

Well, it appears the holiday season is in full swing. The level of blogging has slowed to a dull trickle. Now certainly, I am not much help because as everyone likes to point out, I haven't blogged very much. But as I have said, I am a blog reader, not a blog blogger.

As I have checked blogs, the amount of time between posts becomes greater. I must chalk this up to the holiday season. People are busier and therefore have less time to blog. People are also happier so therefore, in a way, they have less of a need to blog (hmmm . . . there is a blog topic). They check their friends blogs less and also have less time to write. This makes me sad. I enjoy reading others blogs and getting a feel for what is going on in their life (even though I don't know some (most) people). Its kind of like legal and socially acceptable stalking, but I digress (please don't remove me from your approved reader list :))

Due to the lack of time people have to check blogs and the fact people have probably stopped checking my blog because I haven't posted in months, I fear many won't get my message. But alas:

To all you lovely ladies . . . and Brian . . . o.k., you got me . . . To all you lovely ladies . . . who do happen upon my blog, I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and even though I love the holiday season, may the post holiday blues insight the blogging (and therefore revealing) madness!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

That's what she said

"That's what she said."

(Happy Thanksgiving everyone!)

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Brian said . . .

Brian said . . .

"Here's my opinion: It isn't that big of an issue. There is bigger stuff like serving, sacrificing, tithing, temples, scripture study, prayer, ward basketball, etc. I don't drink those drinks but I don't really stop and think about it when someone else does. Unless it is Steven because his addiction affects us all. I don't drink them but it isn't something I think about that often.John, start worrying about the Book of Mormon. That's the "big deal" with this whole thing.Steven should stop drinking his beverages because of the prison he has cast himself into. Eternal caffeinated prison. John, you have much, much more pressing and important things to consider.But, good, juicy question anyhow.You should post more often than every month. Yours are pretty good."


Brian, here is the reason that the Book of Mormon isn't that big of a deal. I could read the Book of Mormon everyday and still not understand it. Neither do most Mormons (meaning understanding everything). That is why ya'll are encouraged to read daily, you have teachings from it every Sunday, family home evenings regarding same every Monday, pray about it, etc. You forget things you have read and that is one reason you keep reading "the" word. Read, read, read, further understand, further understand, further understand, read, read, read, still don't know some/most answers, on and on and on . . . .

However, I can walk into a Priesthood meeting wearing a bright colored red shirt drinking a Dr Pepper and smoking a stogie. And you KNOW some members are saying "whoa their Charlie." Becoming Mormon is not just joining the church. It is joining a culture. I am not quite sure what the first 4 letters of the last word of that last sentence mean exactly. J/K.

So I ask myself, why is everyone wearing white shirts in Priesthood meeting? Oh, o.k. that makes sense but if that is the case why do you cover that up with a big fat dark coat? Why don't you wear white pants? Why do you wear a brightly colored tie. Shouldn't you wear white ALL of the time? IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE. I WANT TO KNOW THE RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I didn't grow up in a family where the family taught Mormon doctrine since the first breath. I don't take things for granted. I don't want to walk into a congregation and just start doing what everyone else is doing. That makes NO sense. If I am in Sacrament meeting and everyone gets up and starts jumping off a cliff am I suppose to tell myself, "well, they must know what they are doing and why. Hope the landing is soft."

One problem is that outsiders are being invited to join a clique to come extent. Yes most Mormons are inviting and want you to feel comfortable and are not judgmental and go out of their way to make feel welcomed. But what most current and long standing/practicing Mormons can't grasp is how an outsider who is coming to the church feels. You can't really ever know either. Because it has been so long since you joined OR you have been a member your whole life.

Some (most) may think I am being anal about the whole thing (and are free to comment about same) but all of this bothers me. Then some will say "it is open to your interpretation, pray about it, and you will find an answer." Well what if I feel (pray about it, don't get an answer, but this is what I am going with (truly trying to find an answer)) and I don't think drinking alcohol or cussing is bad. Well then the powers that be will say, actually John that part is not open to interpretation. We think X. O.k., I give up. What is open to interpretation and what is not. WHERE ARE THE RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just read the BOM. There are no list of rules so right off the bat I am getting no answers from reading the BOM :). Mormons see their lives as a religion. Outsiders possibly see it as a culture. If I can't understand the religion then maybe I can try to understand the culture.

Read the BOM. Well what if I can't read. I can't become Mormon. THERE ARE TOO MANY QUESTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(now do you understand why texas bro mick has not been very successful :). It is not for his/ their lack of trying!)


confused in the space city

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Caffeine and LDS - "an awakening"

So I am taking an unofficial poll. It is unofficial because I can't design that thing where you vote so you have to respond by commenting. Don't be afraid of being wrong because my point is that people don't know.

Here is the question:

What is "the" Church's (LDS) position on caffieinated beverages?

My understanding is that at one time there should be not "hot" beverages. But what if it is iced tea, etc.

Anyway, the reason I ask is because when I dated a Mormon in high school it was explained to me by her and friends of the church that caffeine was pretty much on par with alcohol and smoking. I mean some people did drink caffeinated beverages but it was kind of a no no.

When I recently saw a Mormon slapping down caffeine drinks like it was going out of style, apparently I challenged his faith by my perceived misinformation and his wife thought I was chastising him.

So, what is your opinion of "the" Church's opinion on caffeinated beverages? Thanks.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Wordless Wednesday . . . but, but with words

This picture pretty much sums up the beauty we saw on our trip!

And don't worry, I have MUCH more hair on the top of my head then the picture shows. I think it was the camera angle or something . . .

Birthplace of Joseph Smith

So, I enjoyed my last post considering the circumstances. On our trip to the North East we realized that we were staying the night 10 minutes away from Sharon, Vermont - birthplace of Joseph Smith. For those interested (which is probably all but two people who read this) I am posting the other pictures, besides the two from the previous blog, to let you see what it is like for those who have not been to the site. Of course, I am sure it is in the Ensign once a year or something but whatever.

You pretty much take back farm roads to get to the entrance and then you enter these gates (not the pearly gates, but still nice) and go up this beautiful drive which is obviously aligned with these trees.

This is some of the writing on two of the sides of the monument.

The monument is not the "actual" birthplace. Just over my right shoulder there is a little grove of trees and there is a small stone with a marker on it where they believe the foundation of the original home stood.

The monument is a solid piece of granite which is 37 1/2 feet tall (age of Joseph Smith at death???) (work with me here and adjust the figures accordingly). There is a neat story about how they built the monument transported the large piece of stone to the site (up steep hills), prayer was involved, etc.

There are two buildings on the site that you can take the tour. We didn't really want to take the tour because we had to travel a distance from Vermont and really just wanted to stop by and take a picture. But the missionary was nice and did a mini tour quickly. There are paintings of past prophets, etc. Stuff I am sure everyone has seen before. They had the interesting diagram showing the lineage from _____ which ascended 8 Presidents (including both H. & W. Bush) and also Joseph Smith.

Around the site there is choir music from "the" M.T.C. piped in from the forest. Very pretty lawn. Reverent, outdoor setting. We were just walking around the site and Sister X approached us and asked if we wanted the tour and we said no, but thanks, we were just quickly stopping by. Well, I felt bad so we did the mini tour. Very interesting how the church tried to purchase as much of the original farm land (160 acres) and dedicated the site. The Prophet came to dedicate the site all from the 1800's which is pretty amazing. So we got to the "end" of the tour and it was kind of awkward because obviously the missionary wanted to take the opportunity to "teach us about the church." [They had a baptism tank right outside. Kidding.] So there were pamphlets that we could take about the church, etc. We really didn't tell her why we were there or how much we knew about the church. She kind of started handing us stuff so then I told her I was actually a Bishop of a church in Texas and we didn't have to take as many pamphlets. Kidding.

Just wanted to let everyone know that their 10% is being put to good use there and all of you would enjoy the experience. I did have one question when I left there when I thought about posting the pictures in the previous blog.
Does it make me more Mormon than ya'll because I have visited this site and you haven't.


Friday, October 12, 2007

Tuesday, September 25, 2007



(there I blogged). Send me ideas. I am not very creative.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Dummy Dummy Dumb Dumb

Because I don't have any blogging ideas and because Steven M* is afraid to start his own blog, I am posting one of Steven's recent comments which proves that in ascending order there is (3)sheer ignorance, (2) dummy dummy dumb dumbs, and then there is (1) Steven M*.

"anonamous(steven) said...

the only thing brian does "rarely" is THINK.

I wrote a little hip-hops for you guys

(picture john in the background layin' a smooth beat) . . .

get the bloggin' on
please get it goin'
sharin' funky feelin's
is what we got showin'
a little group of brotha's
has turned this all around
words from testosterone
are much more profound
so don't keep me hangin'
don't keep me on the line
bloggin's a phenomenon
reserved for the divine
i ain't bloggin' on my own
and you can see why
what i gots to say
just ain't so fly
been around the world
from london to the bay
it's go hammer, yo hammer
and the rest can go and play
can't touch this
dum dum dum dum, dum dum dum dum
can't touch this
dum dum dum dum, dum dum dum dum
can't touch this

(at this point i am moving my feet so fast you can't see them and my pants are really puffy but tight at the ankles... if you get my drift)

i keep comin' back
cause my life's a waste
but if you don't unleash
what word's will i taste
that girl is poison
she's drivin' me outta my mind
that girl is poison
bel biv devoe...a ha ha... now you know

Thats just how i feel about the whole guy-blog thing. Keep it real, from one blogga' to anotha'."

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Mormonese or Mormon Ease?

So I have a theory - Mormons have it easier than non Mormons.

A Mormon couple with names that rhyme with Mteven and Sindy Nickelson think this is one of my more ludicrous ideas, but they will have to deal. They think it is so ridiculous that they rolled their eyes until their head ached. On a different note, and also kind of ironic, their eldest daughter is quite the eye roller. I digress.

To be fair, Mormon could equal any religious believer but as faithful "mainstream" religious practitioners go, to me Mormons have more to do and abide by than the others.

So here is the theory. Tell me what you think.

As an non-Mormon outsider, Mormons have a tremendous amount of things they must do in order to abide by their religious tenants. So much so that I don't think I could do them for a week. For example, tithing, reading scripture, praying, family home evenings, Sunday "don't do anything that would cause others to work because it is a day of rest," teachings, callings, being reverent during sacrament meeting, keeping your kids reverent during sacrament meeting, being responsible for 16 thousand other books besides the bible, going on missions and oh by the way, paying for them. And all of this before you are awake for 1 hour on any given day.

I know that all of these take strength, patience, help from God, etc. So why do Mormons have it easier? Because, if you do these things faithfully, you will have eternal life in heaven numero uno. Are you kidding me? Eternal life with your God in apparently the best place ever. Your 70 - 90 year life is merely a hiccup to eternity. You are upset because your kids are XYZ or because you have to tithe? Those are merely hiccups on hiccups to eternity. Mormons have it easier than everyone else because God has an answer to things that one might complain about or struggle with.

The Mormon argument is that it IS difficult to do everything their religion requires daily because after all they are human. However, I don't understand why it would be difficult if you believe that you will have eternal life in the best place you could imagine if you do abide by your religious tenants. I mean you may think, gosh it would be nice if I could go to the grocery store this Sunday but I can't. But if you think about it, hello, if you abide = eternal life with eternal bliss.

Now if you were a "practicing Mormon" who didn't fully believe, then I could imagine that those Mormons (yes, how can you be a Mormon without fully believing??? but) have a very hard time and do not have it easy.

So when Mormons talk about struggling with abiding by all of their religious tenants (which granted, they do rarely) I don't understand their struggle. After all, you are doing it for eternal life with eternal bliss. However, I do understand why I would struggle with abiding by all of the religious tenants.

So, do you think it is ludicrous?

Destin, Florida, USA

Went to Destin, Florida with the wifey's family for Labor Day Weekend. It was a pretty beach and a good time had by all. Here are some pictures.

Soooooo football season is finally here. Thank God-ness! But, I have decided that I may not blog again until after the Super Bowl, but by that time I will be in a deep depression.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

A Ramble Just to Keep the Kids Coming Back

So . . . it is tough to blog. I knew it would be. I don't know how you guys do it. I certainly enjoy reading (and commenting :o)) on every ones blog but I feel like I have to blog . . . something . . . in order to "have the right" to comment on other's blogs. I don't want to intentionally withhold my vast amount of wisdom from you, its just I literally don't know what to blog about.

The only topic I could blog a lot about is is Mormonism and questions regarding same. I used to have "friends" that were Mormon and lived here and I used to get to see them a lot. I got my Mormon fill by bouncing questions off of them and they graciously answered them even though they seemed to think I was just trying to make arguments and/or jokes. There was a solid effort at conversion on their part. But alas, they decided to leave me for a job opportunity. The nerve. And now and for eternity I will be in a lower heaven looking up at the party going on above, just because they left. Hopefully I won't end up too far below but apparently, being in the top is where it is at. Is that fair for me to say that? Of course not. You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink . . . yada yada yada. But, on the other hand . . . . :)

Kind of strange to me. I mean the hubby was looking for a job in medicine but apparently there weren't very many opportunities here. Where I live, there is a medical center but it is actually kind of small and there is only like one or two small two story buildings. Also, the city I live in is kind of big but as far as big cities go, it is "only" the 4th largest in the continental and uncontinental United States of America. I could see why it might be hard to find a job in medicine here. I am not bitter. I am very supportive. Can't you tell? Anyway, my point is that perhaps I could blog about my Mormon questions since I don't have anyone to discuss that topic with on a weekly/daily basis. The thing is, is that if you don't know me, some of my thoughts or question could come off somewhat offensive since 98% of the people who would read this would be Mormon. I don't want to be offensive, I just want to understand. Perhaps . . . I will think about it. For now . . .

One of my "ladies" tries to "blog" by posting pictures of his wife among other things . . . without or with little words. Now the pictures are very good and I enjoy them very much however, you learn about that person as much as you would looking through a photo album. But in order to prevent my blog from being a collection of rumble jumble, I will post a picture of the/my wifey but not for purposes of being able to see the wifey.

This is currently one of my favorite pictures for a couple of reasons. (1) Wifey - somewhat explanatory; (2) it is a nice big oak tree; (3) and most likely it is because this was taken on my grandparent's ranch. This is the place I would spend most of my holidays for all of my childhood. After my grandparents died, the family sold the ranch but before that happened, my wife and I visited it and took several pictures of the place in south Texas to remember everything. This was just one of several oak trees in the pasture and it was fun to climb.

There. I blogged about something. I am bloggedly drained. I might need to take another two week hiatus and call in sick to work tomorrow. I think it would be easier to just have a baby and then post pictures of it all of the time.


Friday, August 10, 2007

Audra can Dance!

One of Audra's Eloquent Dances!

Some of my comments on various blogs have insinuated that Audra can not dance. That could not be further from the truth. Audra is an excellent dancer. And I am not talking about one type of dance. She can square dance, break dance, tap dance, do a jig, and even though I don't have personal knowledge, I hear that she is a good slow dancer.

I even have it on good authority that after every LDS dance that Audra has attended, the church has needed to re-wax the court because of all of he moves she put on the dance floor. If you read her mother's blog (insert link to Lady Pyne's Blog), you can see that Audra most likely gets it from her momma.

So Audra, much respect and "big ups" for your dancing abilities. ;)

P.S. If you can't tell, I am soooo proud of myself for learning how to post a picture and even finding one of Elaine dancing from Seinfeld!

Much love Audge, you are a good sport!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007


I have heard that successful individuals (success can mean many different things) contribute a part of their success to having goals. I have even heard that if you come up with a list of goals and then write them down, you are much more likely to achieve them than if you never come up with goals or you fail to write your goals down.

I am sure everyone has had small goals at some time or all of the time. For example, save up a certain amount of money by this date, become a this type of profession, read to your kids every night, clean the house X times a month.

My question is does any one have a life goal? I mean, I can think of small goals I may want to accomplish, but it is much more difficult to come up with what is my goal for life . . . you know . . . if you had to narrow it down to one thing or one sentence. This may be a "what is the meaning of life" question, I am not sure.

So, do you have a life goal and if so:
  1. What is that goal; and
  2. Do you have a life goal that is not necessarily tied to your religious beliefs? I mean, I am sure that most of you want to be a good follower of your religious tenants. Have you or your family made an additional or different goal?

As always, thanks for sharing!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Dilemma of Sorts - or in someone's shorts

What would you do . . . if anything?

First, I would like to thank you for your encouraging comments. It is difficult to come up with topics and I am amazed that most of you come up with something on a daily basis. After you read this, most of you will wish I continued to think of a topic.

Here is my dilemma (which happens to be a difficult word for me to spell - thank you Blogger spell check):

I work for a female attorney who is approximately mid 50s. There is also a female paralegal who is late 30s. Then there is myself. That is everyone who is in our office. (It would be interesting to know how you think this story is going to go compared to what my story actually is). I enjoy working with both of them and enjoy my job. Here is thing.

One day my boss comes in to our room to look at a file. Her back is toward me and I am just working on something on my computer. The paralegal who I share a room/office with was not in the room. While my boss is standing there I hear a noise from . . . you know where. There is no mistaking what it was. My boss did not acknowledge the noise nor did she act like it even happened. Either (1) she really did not know she dealt it, or (2) she is a great actress. I just kept working and was dying inside but was also thinking no big deal, probably happens to everyone. Well, this has happened several times and . . . 60% of the time, they smell. I am not talking smell like, hmmm there is a slight tinge of something different in the air. I am talking smell like, oh my gosh, I should leave the room so I don't loose any brain cells. Not once has she said excuse me, turned red, walked quickly out of the room, nothing. A couple of times the paralegal has showered the room in Oust spray to smother the smell knowing full well that our boss would walk back in the room. There is probably nothing like ripping one and then walking back in the room that someone has febreezed because of you. I would think that would be quite embarrassing.

Whenever it happens with both myself and the paralegal in the room, we can not look at each other because we would die laughing and then my boss would know or would ask, "what is so funny?" I have literally had to wipe away tears because I am trying not to laugh. I don't want to embarrass her but it is soooo awkward. I mean, these are noises that anyone with average hearing would notice. There are of course the silent but quite deadlies too.

Here is my question. I should probably do one of those polls where people could vote but I am not smart enough to figure that out.
Do you think:
  1. She doesn't realize she is doing it;
  2. She thinks she is being sneaky and only she can hear AND smell it;
  3. Knows she is doing it but thinks this is how everyone acts; or
  4. Knows she is doing it, knows it is improper, but doesn't give a ripper (pun intended).
Remember, this is an individual who most people would consider a lady and we are in the workplace. Has "The Office" done a show about this yet? Anyway, I just need to be sure that the way I was raised was similar to the average person where 1) you try not to do that in public and 2) if it does happen, you apologize and you are thoroughly embarrassed.

This is the kind of post where it is good that I do not know how to attach pictures because the picture I might find would probably be inappropriate.

I think I might try to make a quilt now and have someone take a picture of it and create a new post.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

WordFUL Wednesday

That's right, we're SWITCHING IT UP BABY!

Why do you call yourself Mormons?

Yeah, I get it, from Mormon. But why wouldn't you call yourself Christs. Like, "I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I am a Christs."

Is it because Mormon was/is more important than Jesus Christ? Probably not. Is it because Mormon and his subsequent teachings, writings, plates, books, et. al. is what differentiates you from the "untrue" churches and believers? Or simply, that's how it has been, that is how we roll baby?

I may be starting out a little thick on my topics but wanted to see what type of responses this question would stir up. I do know that one reader is currently rolling her eyes in the back of her head right now, creating a glaze over her face, and looking for a magazine to read while her husband attempts to explain it to me. But because the husband only occasionally reads blogs, maybe she will comment on her own. Hope everyone is having a top notch week!

Identity Theft

Have you ever been a victim of identity theft? Not the identity theft where your social security number gets stolen or your credit card disappears and you end up allegedly purchasing 20 big screen t.v.s in Guatemala. Sure, that type of identity theft is rough where your credit is shot, the mortgage company forecloses on your home and you have no credit or financial life for 10 years.

All of that pales in comparison to someone stealing your user name and password, creating a blogging account with your information, and even creating "your" first post. According to the title of the first post, I am a huge Jim Carey fan and didn't even know it. And you can probably tell who the culprits were by my alleged admiration and thankfulness in the second sentence of "my" first post.

BTW, what is with that picture of that wolf or whatever it is? Me on a good day? I mean I guess that is some type of cow or something but why would "I" choose that.

The sad truth is, my only crime is being a fan or the relief society blogging club . . . and bishop Mick. I don't know why I am required to have a blog to be able to comment on others' blogs. But, I am new to the game so I guess I have to play along.

I apologize in advance for the apparent dreariness of the setup. Like I said, I didn't even create this so I sure don't know how to change anything. Secondly, I will not be able to post cute pictures of the quilts I make or post pictures of my kids. As you can tell from the picture, I am just a young knobby kneed wolf cow.

I may post certain things from time to time to see what responses I get. Please feel free to comment. If I don't know who you are, that means you should comment (why not?). I like banter, and I like insight. Some people believe I am somewhat closed minded and I don't know any other way to open my mind then to learn different individuals perspectives.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Alrighty Then

After months of immense peer pressure, I've given in to the blogging world. Thanks to my wife, Eli and friend, Mindy, this blog has finally come to fruition. Though I feel my writings are best served by commenting on other's blogs, I vow to do my best to keep up with this.