Tuesday, September 25, 2007



(there I blogged). Send me ideas. I am not very creative.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Dummy Dummy Dumb Dumb

Because I don't have any blogging ideas and because Steven M* is afraid to start his own blog, I am posting one of Steven's recent comments which proves that in ascending order there is (3)sheer ignorance, (2) dummy dummy dumb dumbs, and then there is (1) Steven M*.

"anonamous(steven) said...

the only thing brian does "rarely" is THINK.

I wrote a little hip-hops for you guys

(picture john in the background layin' a smooth beat) . . .

get the bloggin' on
please get it goin'
sharin' funky feelin's
is what we got showin'
a little group of brotha's
has turned this all around
words from testosterone
are much more profound
so don't keep me hangin'
don't keep me on the line
bloggin's a phenomenon
reserved for the divine
i ain't bloggin' on my own
and you can see why
what i gots to say
just ain't so fly
been around the world
from london to the bay
it's go hammer, yo hammer
and the rest can go and play
can't touch this
dum dum dum dum, dum dum dum dum
can't touch this
dum dum dum dum, dum dum dum dum
can't touch this

(at this point i am moving my feet so fast you can't see them and my pants are really puffy but tight at the ankles... if you get my drift)

i keep comin' back
cause my life's a waste
but if you don't unleash
what word's will i taste
that girl is poison
she's drivin' me outta my mind
that girl is poison
bel biv devoe...a ha ha... now you know

Thats just how i feel about the whole guy-blog thing. Keep it real, from one blogga' to anotha'."

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Mormonese or Mormon Ease?

So I have a theory - Mormons have it easier than non Mormons.

A Mormon couple with names that rhyme with Mteven and Sindy Nickelson think this is one of my more ludicrous ideas, but they will have to deal. They think it is so ridiculous that they rolled their eyes until their head ached. On a different note, and also kind of ironic, their eldest daughter is quite the eye roller. I digress.

To be fair, Mormon could equal any religious believer but as faithful "mainstream" religious practitioners go, to me Mormons have more to do and abide by than the others.

So here is the theory. Tell me what you think.

As an non-Mormon outsider, Mormons have a tremendous amount of things they must do in order to abide by their religious tenants. So much so that I don't think I could do them for a week. For example, tithing, reading scripture, praying, family home evenings, Sunday "don't do anything that would cause others to work because it is a day of rest," teachings, callings, being reverent during sacrament meeting, keeping your kids reverent during sacrament meeting, being responsible for 16 thousand other books besides the bible, going on missions and oh by the way, paying for them. And all of this before you are awake for 1 hour on any given day.

I know that all of these take strength, patience, help from God, etc. So why do Mormons have it easier? Because, if you do these things faithfully, you will have eternal life in heaven numero uno. Are you kidding me? Eternal life with your God in apparently the best place ever. Your 70 - 90 year life is merely a hiccup to eternity. You are upset because your kids are XYZ or because you have to tithe? Those are merely hiccups on hiccups to eternity. Mormons have it easier than everyone else because God has an answer to things that one might complain about or struggle with.

The Mormon argument is that it IS difficult to do everything their religion requires daily because after all they are human. However, I don't understand why it would be difficult if you believe that you will have eternal life in the best place you could imagine if you do abide by your religious tenants. I mean you may think, gosh it would be nice if I could go to the grocery store this Sunday but I can't. But if you think about it, hello, if you abide = eternal life with eternal bliss.

Now if you were a "practicing Mormon" who didn't fully believe, then I could imagine that those Mormons (yes, how can you be a Mormon without fully believing??? but) have a very hard time and do not have it easy.

So when Mormons talk about struggling with abiding by all of their religious tenants (which granted, they do rarely) I don't understand their struggle. After all, you are doing it for eternal life with eternal bliss. However, I do understand why I would struggle with abiding by all of the religious tenants.

So, do you think it is ludicrous?

Destin, Florida, USA

Went to Destin, Florida with the wifey's family for Labor Day Weekend. It was a pretty beach and a good time had by all. Here are some pictures.

Soooooo football season is finally here. Thank God-ness! But, I have decided that I may not blog again until after the Super Bowl, but by that time I will be in a deep depression.