Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Identity Theft

Have you ever been a victim of identity theft? Not the identity theft where your social security number gets stolen or your credit card disappears and you end up allegedly purchasing 20 big screen t.v.s in Guatemala. Sure, that type of identity theft is rough where your credit is shot, the mortgage company forecloses on your home and you have no credit or financial life for 10 years.

All of that pales in comparison to someone stealing your user name and password, creating a blogging account with your information, and even creating "your" first post. According to the title of the first post, I am a huge Jim Carey fan and didn't even know it. And you can probably tell who the culprits were by my alleged admiration and thankfulness in the second sentence of "my" first post.

BTW, what is with that picture of that wolf or whatever it is? Me on a good day? I mean I guess that is some type of cow or something but why would "I" choose that.

The sad truth is, my only crime is being a fan or the relief society blogging club . . . and bishop Mick. I don't know why I am required to have a blog to be able to comment on others' blogs. But, I am new to the game so I guess I have to play along.

I apologize in advance for the apparent dreariness of the setup. Like I said, I didn't even create this so I sure don't know how to change anything. Secondly, I will not be able to post cute pictures of the quilts I make or post pictures of my kids. As you can tell from the picture, I am just a young knobby kneed wolf cow.

I may post certain things from time to time to see what responses I get. Please feel free to comment. If I don't know who you are, that means you should comment (why not?). I like banter, and I like insight. Some people believe I am somewhat closed minded and I don't know any other way to open my mind then to learn different individuals perspectives.


Mindy said...

While I'll try not to call you a big baby, I'll shout HURRAY! I'm just so darn proud!

BTW, if you accuse anyone of true identity theft, just look over at you wife and point, because I know nothing about what your talking of.

Jessi said...

YOU are now officially on my sidebar.

Audra said...

We can teach you how to make a quilt, and lemon scones, and johnny pancakes! It will be so fun!

Well, my sister can. I don't know how.

Michelle Pyne said...

I can see why you are a lawyer. But I think there is a bit of a humorist in you too. I think you should write a book!

I would be horrified too if someone stole my blogging identity! I feel for you!

PS In case you didn't read the above blog first, I am Audra's Mom. Please to meet ya'!

Jennifer said...

I have no idea who you are...found you through Mindy's blog. I'm definately interested in reading your blog!!! You sure make things interesting on Mindy's blog so just thank the lovely ladies who set this up for you. Look forward to future discussions.

tara said...

I have read your comments on multiple other hermann parkie blogs and am wondering how you know all those HP RS sisters. So, pray, do tell! I lived in Hermann Park over 2 years ago with Natalie, Mindy, Melissa, Tara B. and I have since met Jodie. They are a great group of girls! Nice meeting you and keep up the bloggin'!

tara said...

and I think I forgot Audra! How could I forget Audra?!