Wednesday, August 8, 2007


I have heard that successful individuals (success can mean many different things) contribute a part of their success to having goals. I have even heard that if you come up with a list of goals and then write them down, you are much more likely to achieve them than if you never come up with goals or you fail to write your goals down.

I am sure everyone has had small goals at some time or all of the time. For example, save up a certain amount of money by this date, become a this type of profession, read to your kids every night, clean the house X times a month.

My question is does any one have a life goal? I mean, I can think of small goals I may want to accomplish, but it is much more difficult to come up with what is my goal for life . . . you know . . . if you had to narrow it down to one thing or one sentence. This may be a "what is the meaning of life" question, I am not sure.

So, do you have a life goal and if so:
  1. What is that goal; and
  2. Do you have a life goal that is not necessarily tied to your religious beliefs? I mean, I am sure that most of you want to be a good follower of your religious tenants. Have you or your family made an additional or different goal?

As always, thanks for sharing!


Audra said...

I don't have anything too specific. Just what my mom and dad taught me when I was little - be a good girl, work hard, don't ever give up. Hmmm, should there be more? Most of my life goals are tied to my religious beliefs.

I am interested to hear if others have better ones. Then I can maybe steal theirs!

And watch it about the dance moves. I resent that!

Jodie Haney said...

My goal is to do everything (that interests me) at least once. I don't want to be left wondering if I should have or could have done something.
I do have a list. Most of it involves seeing the world or achieving a physical challenge.
All in all, though, I just want to be happy. Adventure makes me happy.
Selfish, huh?

Jodie Haney said...

One more thing, what would you want people to say about you life at your funeral? That might help you narrow it down.

Michelle Pyne said...

That's a good question! I can honestly say at this point in my life, all my life's goals are inseparably connected to my understanding of and relationship to God. My ultimate goals don't deal with what I want to do, but what I want to be. So everything I choose to do I hope will improve what I am at the end of my life. Some of those goals are big (serve a mission or missions with Mel to give others the opportunity to hear the profound truths that we have received), and some of them are small (learn something every day). I love to visit new places, especially if I learn about who lived there and what happened. I love increasing my ability to create beauty, even if it is small and simple. I want to learn to love others more readily. I want to see my family grow and learn and be happy. Those are a few of my life's goals.

Brian said...

Why am I the only guy on the list of "ladies" on your blog? I'm more of a man that half the ladies on the list...easily.

I'm going to rushinto my dramatically rush into my room, write in my diary, and listen to a lavish Broadway musical to heal.

Oh...goals. Uh...hmmm...All I can think of (that isn't religious) is to set a bunch of little goals and reach them. There...that is my big goal.

Shana said...

WOW. This REALLY got me thinking. I am not very good at making goals or achieving them unless it is a day to day thing. But really, I think my life goal is to be the type of person that everyone wants to be around. I want my children to like to be with me, their friends, my friends, my family and my grandchildren. I want them to know that I will always put them first and be there for them. I think I may need to think of more life goals. But really, I have always desired for my children/family/friends to want to be around me and love it. :)

John said...


In response to your comment "Oh...goals. Uh...hmmm...All I can think of (that isn't religious) is to set a bunch of little goals and reach them. There...that is my big goal."
Steven has a quote and it is quite fitting at this time.

"You are dumb."


Mindy said... goal is to not make any goals - thus I won't ever feel like failure.

Let me save you some time, John.

JOHN's response to my comment: Somehow I get the feeling you NOT reaching UNWRITTEN GOALS will not make you look like any less of a failure.

Answer: My life is so entwined with my religion that small, insignificant, daily decisions have come about because I have a deep religious basis. I can't think of goals that don't somehow come back to principles I've been taught in sunday school; physical, social, spiritul, familly, etc. Consequently, my goals are religious - even those regarding my household, family, traveling, even my weight have a foundation in my faith.
I'll think about it, though. I'm sure you've got a goal in mind for me.

Jessi said...


I just want to be happy. The means to that end are connected, however, to my religious beliefs.

Connie said...

John - You don't know me, but I grew up with Audra and Jessi. We are still great I hope that gives me a little credibility.

My life's goal is completely intertwined with my spiritual goals. (I too am a member of Relief Society) But if I had to put my one life goal into a non-religious would be...

I want the world to be a better place because I have been here.

For me there is a religious motivation, (I know if I truly live this princible every day I will be living my religion) but I believe the statement could be used by people not motivated by religion.

Have you ever considered that (perhaps) anyone who wants a profound life goal may have a little spitirual motivation even if they do not realize it? Notice I said spiritual not religious. It's my opinion that everything that improves us is part of HIS plan, even if we are not knowing participants.

Connie said...

just so you know...I know it is spelled with a p...not a b. I just didn't proofread. =)