Thursday, August 23, 2007

A Ramble Just to Keep the Kids Coming Back

So . . . it is tough to blog. I knew it would be. I don't know how you guys do it. I certainly enjoy reading (and commenting :o)) on every ones blog but I feel like I have to blog . . . something . . . in order to "have the right" to comment on other's blogs. I don't want to intentionally withhold my vast amount of wisdom from you, its just I literally don't know what to blog about.

The only topic I could blog a lot about is is Mormonism and questions regarding same. I used to have "friends" that were Mormon and lived here and I used to get to see them a lot. I got my Mormon fill by bouncing questions off of them and they graciously answered them even though they seemed to think I was just trying to make arguments and/or jokes. There was a solid effort at conversion on their part. But alas, they decided to leave me for a job opportunity. The nerve. And now and for eternity I will be in a lower heaven looking up at the party going on above, just because they left. Hopefully I won't end up too far below but apparently, being in the top is where it is at. Is that fair for me to say that? Of course not. You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink . . . yada yada yada. But, on the other hand . . . . :)

Kind of strange to me. I mean the hubby was looking for a job in medicine but apparently there weren't very many opportunities here. Where I live, there is a medical center but it is actually kind of small and there is only like one or two small two story buildings. Also, the city I live in is kind of big but as far as big cities go, it is "only" the 4th largest in the continental and uncontinental United States of America. I could see why it might be hard to find a job in medicine here. I am not bitter. I am very supportive. Can't you tell? Anyway, my point is that perhaps I could blog about my Mormon questions since I don't have anyone to discuss that topic with on a weekly/daily basis. The thing is, is that if you don't know me, some of my thoughts or question could come off somewhat offensive since 98% of the people who would read this would be Mormon. I don't want to be offensive, I just want to understand. Perhaps . . . I will think about it. For now . . .

One of my "ladies" tries to "blog" by posting pictures of his wife among other things . . . without or with little words. Now the pictures are very good and I enjoy them very much however, you learn about that person as much as you would looking through a photo album. But in order to prevent my blog from being a collection of rumble jumble, I will post a picture of the/my wifey but not for purposes of being able to see the wifey.

This is currently one of my favorite pictures for a couple of reasons. (1) Wifey - somewhat explanatory; (2) it is a nice big oak tree; (3) and most likely it is because this was taken on my grandparent's ranch. This is the place I would spend most of my holidays for all of my childhood. After my grandparents died, the family sold the ranch but before that happened, my wife and I visited it and took several pictures of the place in south Texas to remember everything. This was just one of several oak trees in the pasture and it was fun to climb.

There. I blogged about something. I am bloggedly drained. I might need to take another two week hiatus and call in sick to work tomorrow. I think it would be easier to just have a baby and then post pictures of it all of the time.



Michelle Pyne said...

I wish I could climb that tree and have my picture taken! It is a wonderful tree! You are lucky to have been able to play in it when you were young!

I know what you're talking about not having much to blog about. I once wrote an essay for an English class about not having anything to write an essay about. :) I think the Mormon questions are good, though, if you have some for us. That will keep us busy! We can pick right up where your friend left off and finish the job! I think you would make a right nice Mormon, come to think about it!

So sorry your friend moved away. That was not very neighborly of him!

Leslie said...

my husband started a blog and is having the same problem. maybe you guys can help each other think of blog-worthy topics.
or not.

Jessi said...

Offend away, John. I love your questions. I live in such a small little world it is great to hear other perspectives sometimes.

Anonymous said...

this neighbor stuff better stop. i know who you are talking about and the story is yet to be told accurately. if you want the full disclosure...never listen to a liar. i sure miss you buddy. wish you would have moved here with us. in reality, it's your wife's fault.

Emma said...

That is a fabulous tree. I love to hear your insights even if it is rambling. I do that a lot.

Brian said...

Look, the best part about this particular blog entry was the picture and the word "mormon".

Here is a suggestion: Just grab your camera, start snapping, pick one or two you like, mess with them in some ediring program, and the post them.

That, my friend, is the recipe for avoiding blog-burnout.

BTW, your "friend" that're better off. Trust me.

Anonymous said...

You definitely have rude friends. I empathize with you.

Jodie Haney said...

good luck offending me...i am sure i had some of the same questions. my poor bishop at the time got an earfull from me. bring it on!
i have to warn you, though, if you get enough of the right answers...they may convert you. they got me.
as for those nameless friends of yours, i agree. they totally should have put your needs before their family's needs.
last, your wife is a cutie.

Mindy said...

I MUST have thought you were dead. I can't believe it's been 4 days since you posted and I'm only now seeing it!
What kind of friends would leave you midst spiritual turmoil?!?! The very idea.
You KNOW all of your questions have been answered. If you feel it necessary to re-ask them to a new crowd, by all means, please do. I'm sure as a lawyer your beginning to worry about the mormon idea of "being accountable for what you know" so you'll just act like you forgot what those "friends" told you and ask your interesting and insightful (no sarcasm) questions again.

I'm pretty sure those so-called friends of yours miss you just as much. I'm pretty sure their daughter pretend-calls you on a daily basis and though it's adorable it just reminds her parents of the near every-other-day moments your two families spent together.

Just a guess.

Jennifer said...

It's your mormon topics that keep me coming back for more. I too am a Mormon, always have been, and I am grateful for any question or comment that keeps me reading, studying, and growing as an individual. I'm still putting together my "life" goals. Don't worry about blog-burn out...we are all waiting patiently for the next entry. What you have to say is worth waiting for.

The tree and wife are beautiful...and if you want to come to dinner just let your friends who moved away know...they can give you my address. My husband makes desserts on Sunday! Come on over!

Audra said...

Your wife is awesome! But why did she marry you?

Love the picture.

Mindy said...

Okay, vacation's over. You must have something to blog about. Like your MIL's reaction to you guys at the baggage claim.