Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Caffeine and LDS - "an awakening"

So I am taking an unofficial poll. It is unofficial because I can't design that thing where you vote so you have to respond by commenting. Don't be afraid of being wrong because my point is that people don't know.

Here is the question:

What is "the" Church's (LDS) position on caffieinated beverages?

My understanding is that at one time there should be not "hot" beverages. But what if it is iced tea, etc.

Anyway, the reason I ask is because when I dated a Mormon in high school it was explained to me by her and friends of the church that caffeine was pretty much on par with alcohol and smoking. I mean some people did drink caffeinated beverages but it was kind of a no no.

When I recently saw a Mormon slapping down caffeine drinks like it was going out of style, apparently I challenged his faith by my perceived misinformation and his wife thought I was chastising him.

So, what is your opinion of "the" Church's opinion on caffeinated beverages? Thanks.


Emma said...

OOOH! Good topic. I have never heard of an official church statement about caffeinated drinks. I don't drink any tea, although some think herbal tea is okay. No iced tea for me. Because caffeinated drinks are addicting I avoid them. I admit I do occasionally have them, but I try not to indulge in them too often. I know some members of the church that have th have their "diet coke" every day, and I think that is an addiction and unhealthy, but I guess that's their choice, but I would think the majority of the members would avoid caffeine most of the time.
I don't take Excedrin because it's a caffeine pill. So maybe I'm hypocritical, I don't know. That's just my opinion.

Jessi said...

The only official interpretation of "hot drinks" in the Word of Wisdom applies to tea and coffee. However, church members are instructed to avoid "harmful or habit-forming substances" unless it's medically necessary and under supervision of a physician. For me, caffeine is certainly habit-forming, so I don't drink caffeinated beverages-- but I guess there is room for some individual interpretation there.

Mindy said...

Nice, Johnny.
My brother has about 10 talks or sermons or whatever you want to call them from General Authorities (apostles/major leaders) from our church that discuss this topic and how caffeine isn't a good thing.
However, someone we both know and love thinks these talks are merely suggestions... as you so lovely noted.
I have a rather strong opinion on most controversial topics. But with this one I take the hypocritical point of view. I think that caffeine is an addictive drug. Thus it should be as avoided as much as one can.
Here's the hypocrisy: there is caffeine in my beloved diet coke (which is why I TRY to buy the caffeine free stuff as well as eat at my local chick-fil-a), and chocolate has its trace amounts. But when I'm eating elsewhere, I don't feel as if I need to repent or go through detox. So I keep on doing it.
As for the dark goddess of cocoa, this leaves me with little or no choice in the matter. I'm sure as a fellow chocolate lover, you can see the predicament.
As for you-know-who and his issues with swiping cokes from the GTSD's, well, he'll have to take that up with someone else.

Mindy said...

BTW, you could give up coffee if you wanted. You just think it makes you look cool.
News flash: nothing's helpin' ya, buddy.

On second thought, the caffeine in your daily mug may help you from passing out with the ever-present noxious gases in your office.

Hmmmm, I'll see what my bishop thinks.

Brian said...

Here's my opinion: It isn't that big of an issue. There is bigger stuff like serving, sacrificing, tithing, temples, scripture study, prayer, ward basketball, etc. I don't drink those drinks but I don't really stop and think about it when someone else does. Unless it is Steven because his addiction affects us all. I don't drink them but it isn't something I think about that often.

John, start worrying about the Book of Mormon. That's the "big deal" with this whole thing.

Steven should stop drinking his beverages because of the prison he has cast himself into. Eternal caffeinated prison. John, you have much, much more pressing and important things to consider.

But, good, juicy question anyhow.

You should post more often than every month. Yours are pretty good.

Michelle Pyne said...

Drinking caffeinated beverages is not against the Word of Wisdom. We get to choose on our own on this one!

Shana said...

YES! Thank You Aunt Michelle! I agree 100%. It is a choice. We all have free agency and no one has ever come out and said, "DO NOT DRINK CAFFEINATED BEVERAGES!" I drink my caffeine. Well, mostly when I am really tired or have a headache. But I am not addicted to it. I think there is a problem when addiction sets in... That is my take on it. So you make the call!

Anonymous said...

I am Mormon. I drink caffeine.
I have a valid current temple recommend. Need I say more?

It is a choice. You are not breaking a commandment when you drink caffeine. And those in the church that focus on judging others for the little things like this should probably start worrying about the 2 greatest commandments-loving God and loving others instead of worrying about who drinks caffeine.

Michelle Pyne said...

Here's some advice that might apply to your question:
"For behold, it is not meet that I should command in all things; for he that is compelled in all things, the same is a slothful and not a wise servant; wherefore he receiveth no reward.

Verily I say, men should be anxiously engaged in a good cause, and do many things of their own free will, and bring to pass much righteousness." (D&C 58:26-27)

Jodie Haney said...

Thanks for bringing this up...I didn't know either.
You should consider giving up Coffee. It has like 150 harmful substances in it. Look into it. My husband is a Chemi. Eng. He tried to make me stop drinking it for years. The word of wisdom just confirmed his conclusions.