Friday, April 18, 2008

Built In Home Defense

Before I begin, let me welcome back all those Google Reader users. My dusty little blog has missed you and glad for you to tune back in. I don't like Google Reader because I know if I don't write, people don't visit or comment. I understand why you use it and why you like it. You have a lot more blogs to check than I do and we all have little time on our hands. But sometimes, you need to visit a blog and leave a comment to let the author know you are checking in on them. I understand that if I wrote more you would visit more but I can't deal with that pressure.

Now then, I have contemplated getting a handgun for sometime now. While I have never actually shot a handgun, I have always wanted to shoot one and own one. Well my little wifey is scared of guns (mostly) and thinks one of our kids will shoot themselves. Never mind the fact that we don't have any kids. (Thus you can see the level of her fear). Well now there is someone in our little family who has shot a handgun . . .

My little sweet face signed up for a Leisure Learning course on her own and it was a two day basic class. They went over the handguns the first night and then went to the shooting range the next night. She liked the class a lot and was even open to us purchasing a handgun. But she still said I have to keep the gun and the bullets locked in two totally different places. I am still trying to explain that there is not much of a point owning a handgun if I have to crack one safe to get the gun and then crack another safe to get the bullets. But we are making progress.

I realized there is a problem. If in the event we had a handgun and there was a situation where we needed one (intruder, squirrel, random bobcat killing our friends sheep (that one is for Fluffy but I don't think she reads this blog so I should probably start backspacing)) I would probably catch myself handing the gun to my wife because at least she has actually shot a handgun before and I haven't. Probably a little embarrassing for my manhood but at least now I have a Built In Home Defense!


Leslie said...

all i know is, you never know when you might wish you had a gun. look at what happened to us that made us get ourselves a gun, then read this post and all the crazy comments. guns are hot blog fodder, just a warning!

Jodie Haney said...

She rocks!

Mindy said...

Look at how tough you guys are. I was totally expecting a trade in target for, oh, I don't know, a BYU t-shirt.

We've compromised and now have a loaded magazine ready and the gun locked away in a different place.

Aw, to live in Texas......who am I kidding? Has anyone met my dad?

And like Leslie said, watch out. People LOVE "discussing" (fighting) over gun control. Should be interesting.

Brian said...

Well looky at you! I turn my back for one six-month-period and you up and post on your blog.

True, I've never even met you face to face, but you're not getting a hand gun. Here's why: You don't even blog that much. I realize that some may wonder what blogging and hand gunning have to do with each other, so I'll explain.

Blogging takes self discipline. Owning a hand gun takes self discipline. One and the other, not one or the other. Your blog record (aka: "brecrod") isn't very good. Therefore, no hand gun.

Why don't you start with just getting some bullets and leaev them lying around your house. If an intruder storms in, s/he will see the bullets, guess you are part of the NRA, and flee.

Next, move up to getting a magazine full of bullets. That is more intimidating. Buy a bunch of those and leave them lying around in the front yard. That'll work like a virtual fence on your property.

You see? Baby steps.

And blog more. My Google Reader is getting bored.

Nice to hear from you again....

Audra said...

Eli's awesome!

Leslie's post and this post has got me thinking that I'd like to go to the shooting range and get comfotable with a gun. And then buy one. Mike has so many night shifts and well...

I was really good with a bb gun as a little girl. I'm proud of that.:)

Michelle Pyne said...

Hmmmmmmm, I am going to have to think about all this gun stuff. I shot a gun once many years ago and I didn't like it one bit. Way too much power. But I can certainly understand that there might come a time when you might want that much power if you or your family was threatened. I will think on this and get back to you!

Audra said...

I see you haven't yet posted the memory tag thingy so I will comment here.

I remember you watched Tanner so I could go shopping with Eli and Mindy. A+++ in my book.

Audra said...

I'll post if you post.

And don't cheat. Do a legitimate one.

And how about $250??????

Audra said...

Oh come on. You aren't going to take my deal? I've posted so many now.